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CardioScope is the next generation of Cardiac Monitoring.

CardioScope’s proprietary technology enables utilizing the recent developments in both the Internet and the Cellular markets. The digital cellular technology provides a platform for future wireless services, including interactive clinical secured data transmission and storage.  

  • CardioScope is a miniaturized twelve lead battery operated cardio-diagnostic ECG monitor. It is operated simply by pressing the unit, which has built-in contact electrodes against the patient’s chest.
  • CardioCell is an OEM component that is part of the CardioScope product to be licensed non - exclusively to telecommunication companies and service providers. It enables the subscriber to this service to be monitored anywhere anytime.
  • CardioNet is an exploitation of the company's Cardio Core content technology over the Internet.

The CardioScope concept is a nucleus of an upgradeable product-line that will serve the general physicians not only in hospitals, but also in their private clinics and particularly in the home-care market.

CardioScope is an advanced "pocket" type cardiac diagnostic Electro-Cardio-Gram (ECG) monitor. It is a standard twelve-lead ECG, which incorporates up to four channels of  ECG  data channels displayed simultaneously on a large Liquid - Crystal - Display (LCD) screen in real-time. Important events may be saved for later viewing, printing and transmitted using cellular and Bluetooth technologies.

It is the simplest and fastest cardiac monitor for obtaining an initial diagnostic clinical information about the patient wherever he is. It is small, compact, battery operated, "user friendly" and significantly low in cost.

CardioScope is operated by simply holding the unit against the patient's chest and in this case there is no need to use the standard electrodes or it can be used with standard ECG electrodes for a comprehensive check-up.

It is an ideal tool for general practitioners needing mobility and cost effectiveness, for cardiologists requiring on the spot results and for ambulance services demanding total mobility, compact size, rapid and accurate results.

This monitor is easily and efficiently used by staff at private clinics for rapid patient turn - around.


  • CardioScope is a twelve lead ‘pocket’ type battery operated cardiac diagnostic ECG monitor.
  • CardioScope is operated simply by pressing the unit which has built-in contact electrodes against the patient’s chest.
  • CardioScope instantly displays the ECG graphs on LCD screen and they can be transmitted, printed and saved for later analysis.
  • CardioScope is an ideal cardiac monitor for the home-care market.


  • Significantly low initial investment in Purchasing.
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs.
  • No need for sticky electrodes.
  • Total mobility and instantaneous results.
  • Rapid patient turn-around in clinics and hospitals.
  • Safe to use, miniaturized and battery operated.
  • Most recent digital technology.
  • Very easy and simple to operate.

This unique concept enables patient monitoring and applying Tele-Medicine technology anywhere, anytime, thus reducing medical bills and giving the company a significant edge in marketing those products and services.

CardioScope is a new concept in the well-established Cardiac monitoring market, with the emphasis on patient oriented instrumentation for home and hospital environments. It will be mass - produced, low priced but with high return on investment.

Today, most of the Software and the Hardware of the basic CardioScope system have been developed and accordingly, Imexco estimates that about 10-12 months are required to reach a full pre-production stage.

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